Vaginal Surgery: Things To Take into Account Before Undergoing the Procedure

Thu 11, 2023
Home Vaginal Surgery: Things To Take into Account Before Undergoing the Procedure

If you have been considering vaginal surgery for a while now and are unsure about the right approach you have come to the right place. Vaginal surgery procedures range from nonsurgical and minimally invasive to simple surgical ones. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

Read on to become aware of three things that you need to consider before undergoing the procedure.

Know What You Expect to Achieve

Changes in hormone levels can lead to vaginal dryness and irritation. This can result in painful intercourse and may end up affecting various aspects of your everyday life. Vaginal surgery procedures can greatly reduce these symptoms and restore your vagina and overall reproductive system.

Time For Recovery

Reduction of the size of labia or clitoral hood can be the only option for some women. Such surgical procedures can remove excess tissue which non-invasive procedures cannot. However, surgical intervention demands more recovery time and patience.

You will have to take a few days off from work after surgery to recover. In addition, you will have to allow sufficient time for your vagina to heal before you can use tampons, exercise, and resume intercourse.

Some amount of pain might be experienced during recovery. However, this is usually mild and can be controlled using prescription pain relievers. The results of the Vaginal surgery procedure are usually long-lasting. Subsequent treatment can take care of the effects of age.

Duration Of the Treatment

Surgery usually requires downtime to recover. However, non-invasive procedures will require multiple treatments to achieve the desired results. Many women prefer multiple laser or RF energy treatments rather than surgery. Such treatments are more comfortable and pain free. They are also quick and easy to fit into your lifestyle.

These treatments target the affected tissue to stimulate the natural production of collagen. This is the protein responsible for healing the vagina tissue and refreshing its appearance.

Decisions like these are difficult to make. Make sure that you seek the expertise and knowledge of experts to guide you through the various procedures available. Hope you found this information helpful.

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