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Vaginal Surgery – Regular Hybrid Course


Duration: 3 Months

Course Starting Date : TBA July 2024

If you are an OBGYN specialist looking to sharpen your vaginal surgery skills, our three-month skill enhancement hybrid program is perfect for you. This course includes hands-on training led by experienced vaginal surgery experts from around the globe. Our regular hybrid course will help you master all the necessary skills and knowledge, fuelling your career growth.

Features of Vaginal Surgery Regular Hybrid Course

  • Engage in live interactive sessions led by well-experienced experts of vaginal surgery.
  • Opportunity to receive practical onsite hands-on training sessions ensuring skill enhancement.
  • Know all about basics to advanced vaginal surgical techniques including Episiotomy, Bartholin’s cyst, McDonald stitch, High cervical cerclage and more.
  • Access course materials, lecture recordings, and supplementary resources through StudyMEDIC LMS.
  • Participate in daily study group activities guided by mentors.
    Reinforce and clarify concepts through multiple-choice question discussions
  • Learn with live operative videos where mentors share their expertise providing detailed descriptions of each step.
  • Receive individualised feedback, guidance, and support from mentors throughout.
  • Enjoy enhanced learning on-the-go through the StudyMEDIC Mobile App, which provides access anytime, anywhere.
  • 24/7 webchat integration for continuous support and assistance.
  • Opportunity to obtain certification to boost your credentials.


TAX is applicable for all the courses and products.

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